New building proposed in downtown Edmond

EDMOND — Downtown Edmond could soon have a new three-story office and retail building.

Property owner Larry Lambrecht has gained approval from the Central Edmond Urban Board for a 30,000-square-foot building at the southwest corner of Campbell and Broadway and is scheduled to go before the city council on Monday to seek parking lot variances.

“We expect to build a first-class office building from the beginning to the end,” Lambrecht said.

The exterior of the building, 125 N Broadway, would be similar to that of the Edmond Public Safety Center, with brick and cast stone.

Lambrecht is proposing retail on the first floor, with offices on the two top floors, but the site plan would also allow for offices to be built on the first floor.

“It gives us the flexibility of removing office spaces and replacing it with retail or, in the absence of retail, being able to put office spaces in lieu of that,” Lambrecht said.

The plan was approved 8-0 during the urban board board meeting, with the exception of a parking fee-in-lieu proposed by Lambrecht.

The proposal includes 46 parking spaces, with an adjacent lot holding 22 of the spaces. The site would require 56 spaces, but Lambrecht said he is willing to pay a fee instead of having the required number of spaces. Board members turned down that request during their Nov. 15 meeting.

The proposed adjacent parking lot has a drive aisle width of 13.5 feet, short of the city code that requires 15 feet.

Lambrecht is scheduled to ask the city council on Monday to grant the fee-in-lieu and a variance in the parking lot drive aisle width.


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