Operation Homefront helps military families

MIDWEST CITY — Operation Homefront provided 200 holiday meals to military families, who picked up meal kits last week to help them out during the holiday season.

Junior enlisted service members received the meal kits, as many of them receive smaller salaries, said Robin Miller, operations and regional director for Operation Homefront.

“This is a great program to be able provide a little extra something at the holidays. When you are starting out you don’t always have a lot of extra in your pocket,” Miller said.

The event was held on the campus of Rose State College. Donations from businesses help fund the project.

“We manage, but this extra help really helps out,” said Ian Thompkins, who is stationed at Tinker Air Force Base and has a family of six.

The military families received nonperishable meal kits and a gift card to help pay for perishable items, and the kits were handed out by volunteers from Walmart and other businesses.

“In general our military families … move around so much, you have to restart. When you restart there is so much you have to purchase over and over again and you don’t have that disposable income,” Miller said.

Operation Homefront has been distributing free meal kits to service members since 2009 and will provide more than 10,000 this holiday season.

CAPTION: Mike Cotterell, of Moore, accepts holiday food items from Walmart employees Sam Hall and Myron Frazier. [Photo By Eriech Tapia, For The Oklahoman]


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